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Business Insider: NESGX Holdings Exposed to "Transformative Trends"

Business Insider on NESGX holdings exposed to “transformative trends”

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Needham Aggressive Growth is featured in the May issue of ...

Value Investor Insight: John Barr

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Quarterly Commentary
Needham Aggressive Growth Fund – 1Q24 Commentary

1Q 2024

Quarterly Commentary
Needham Small Cap Growth Fund – 1Q24 Commentary

1Q 2024

The Growth Factor

Berkshire Hathaway 2024 Annual Meeting

Vol. 39

The Growth Factor

Words and Wisdom from Charlie Munger

Vol. 38

The Growth Factor

Investing in the “Picks and Shovels”

Vol. 37

The Growth Factor

Artificial Intelligence and Needham Funds’ Investments

Vol. 36

Mutual Funds

Needham Growth Fund

Retail: NEEGX
Institutional: NEEIX
Assets: $208M
Inception Date: 01/01/96

Needham Aggressive Growth Fund

Retail: NEAGX
Institutional: NEAIX
Assets: $669M
Inception Date: 09/04/01

Needham Small Cap Growth Fund

Retail: NESGX
Institutional: NESGX
Assets: $166M
Inception Date: 05/22/02