Quarterly Commentary

1Q 2021


  • In 1Q21, the S&P 500 returned 6.17% and the Russell 2000 returned 12.70%. There was a significant rotation out of growth into value late in the quarter – the Russell 2000 Value Index returned 21.17% in Q1 while the Russell 2000 Growth Index finished up +4.88%.

Source: Zephyr Informais


  • We believe accommodative policies have long provided tailwind for equities. In the “Semi-Annual Report on Monetary Policy to the Senate,” Fed. Reserve Chairman Powell said, “following periods when inflation has been running below 2%, appropriate monetary policy will likely aim to achieve inflation moderately above 2% for some time…we will continue to increase our holdings of Treasury securities and agency mortgage-backed securities at least at their current pace…The economy is a long way from our employment and inflation goals, and it is likely to take some time for substantial further progress to be achieved.”1
  • In 1Q21, top-performing industries were energy, materials, financials and consumer discretionary.
    The market is anticipating recovery from the pandemic recession as vaccinations, which started in mid-December, have now reached over 30% of the US population.2

  • In mid-March, the $1.9T American Rescue Plan Act became law. Congress and the Biden Administration quickly turned to consideration of a $2.5trillion infrastructure bill. The Administration plans to raise taxes in the fall. It’s possible that $4.4T of stimulus spending may push the equity markets higher despite the pending tax increases.3


  • The Fund’s Institutional (NEAIX) and Retail classes (NEAGX) returned 7.23% and 7.06%, respectively, in 1Q21, outperforming the S&P 500’s 6.17% and underperforming the Russell 2000’s 12.70%.
  • For the 2nd quarter in a row, the Fund’s greater-than-benchmark exposure to high quality and low exposure to value factors hurt the Fund’s relative performance.4  It was value’s largest outperformance vs. growth in 2 decades.5
  • The Fund’s 1Q21 underperformance relative to the Russell 2000 was a result of underexposure to the strong consumer discretionary, financial services, industrials, materials, real estate and energy sectors.  This same underexposure contributed to the Fund’s outperformance in 2020.
  • At 10% turnover, the Fund does not rotate in or out of sectors, but invests in companies we believe can outperform over the long-term.
  • The Fund’s top 3 contributors, Entegris Inc. (ENTG), Nova Measuring Instruments Ltd. (NVMI) and MKS Instruments, Inc.(MKSI), provide technology for advanced semiconductor manufacturing.  All reported strong 4Q20 results and the stocks benefited from the Intel’s $20B manufacturing investment announcement and a recognition of the importance of U.S.-based advanced semiconductor manufacturing. CarMax, Inc. (KMX) and KVH Industries, Inc. (KVHI) were also major contributors.  PDF Solutions, Inc. (PDFS) and Apple, Inc, (AAPL) were the leading detractors in 1Q21.


  • Big news in the semiconductor industry – We’ve long felt the semiconductor industry has moved beyond a cyclical, PC-driven  industry to one of strategic importance. In March, Intel Corp. (INTC) announced plans to invest $20B in new plants in Arizona.  In early April, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (TSM) announced it will spend $100B of capex over 3 years. Also, the Biden Administration’s proposed a $2.5T infrastructure bill includes $50B for the semiconductor industry. All of these investments will require advanced semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • At March 31, 2021, 35.4% of Needham Aggressive Growth Fund’s assets were invested in Semiconductor and Semiconductor Equipment companies, including 4 of its top 10 holdings.
  • The Fund targets investments we perceive to have significant, unrecognized growth opportunities. COVID-19 is hastening revolutionary development in technology and life sciences; the Fund is a long-term investor in companies that enable the research and manufacturing to bring these developments to market. Semiconductor manufacturing is an important example.
  • Greater-than-benchmark exposure to high quality stocks might position the Fund for outperformance in future periods of market weakness.


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